Sunday, January 22, 2017

One Year Later - Hiatus End

Yuma, Arizona is one of the sunniest places in the U.S. Today just happened to be cloudy.

What do you say to an audience that you've walked out on? Anything you want I suppose, most of them have gone home. 

A year ago I put No Book Unread Project on hiatus, for good reason. Looking back on 2016 it was a hell of a year. I quit my job, moved my family from Maine to Arizona, sidled into a small condo, and reoriented my life. I'm not sure how many can relate to this, but it was a year so full of change and life (frequently not in the uplifting sense) that it felt like two years.

Ah, life with neighbors. I had forgotten that was a thing.
So here I am at the precipice of a new start to No Book Unread. I have spitefully waited for my domain name to expire and bought it back from a more reputable company. I have refocused my efforts on writing and reduced distractions. I have more books than ever to read and, if that weren't enough, a shiny new library card with which to distract myself. 

I could say much about the move and my writing struggles, about a lot of things. The important thing is this though, I'm not giving up. The Project will continue, as will the reading, the experimenting, and, especially, the terrible humor.

In short, I'm back. Did you miss me? Don't answer that.

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